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Name:Michael Novotny
Birthdate:Jan 12

michael novotny
Michael Charles Novotny-Bruckner is a central character on the American television series Queer As Folk, played by Hal Sparks. Michael narrates in key episodes.

Michael has a mother he is very close with, Debbie, and her gay brother Vic. An episode's plot was dedicated to Michael discovering his roots, and how his mother changed her name to have him believe that his father was a soldier and hero who died in the Vietnam war. His actual father was Danny Devore, who became a drag queen entertainer named Divina Devore.

Michael is best friends with Brian Kinney whom he has been friends with since they were 14 years old. Since the show's debut, their lives have gone in extremely different directions. Michael settles down with his partner, Ben Bruckner, a university professor, and the two eventually adopt teenage son Hunter. Michael is also (as of the end of season 4) the father of baby daughter, JR, whose primary parents are lesbian couple Melanie Marcus and Lindsay Peterson (Michael donated the sperm for Melanie's pregnancy, but nevertheless remains an active father figure to the baby girl). Brian on the other hand has led a very promiscuous life, filled with drugs and sex.

At the start of the series, Michael works at a Wal Mart-like store, called the Big Q. He dates Dr. David Cameron, a chiropractor. He moves to Portland, Oregon at the end of the first season with David, only to return after they break up. He quits his job at the Big Q and buys a comic book store, his passion. He meets Ben, struggles to come to terms with Ben's HIV but they eventually work out their issues.

In the second season, Michael and Justin Taylor, Brian's boyfriend, created a comic book character named Rage, a gay superhero comic whose title character is based on Brian. The comic was a success but a movie version in season four was canceled due to a fickle Hollywood.

He is often very defensive of his best friend, Brian, and admits to having some feelings for him. For example, when Justin and Brian split up, Michael tells Justin to get out of their lives. After Lindsay and Melanie break up at the beginning of the fifth season, Michael becomes upset that his and Melanie's daughter is being raised in a broken home and an ugly custody battle ensues. Eventually, the three parents resolve their issues.

Brian has accused Michael of being a conformist homosexual and bases this on Michael having a partner, a house, and an adopted son. While Michael feels that this was always what he wanted, Brian accuses him of being a traitor. This issue is an ongoing one in the gay community: some gay-rights activists complain that other gays are conforming to a heterosexual lifestyle (Such as adopting children and moving away from the gay friendly cities and into the more banal and conservative suburbs), thereby ignoring and rendering useless their plight against Conservativism.

In one of the final episodes, Michael is badly injured in a bomb explosion at the local gay nightclub, Babylon. He recovers and the series ends with him and Brian dancing in the burned out infrastructure of the building, while he narrates: So the "thumpa thumpa" continues. It always will. No matter what happens. No matter who's president. As our lady of Disco, the divine Miss Gloria Gaynor has always sung to us: We will survive.
[From the Queer as Folk wiki]

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Comfortable and happy in his marriage to Ben, after Melanie and Lindsay took J.R. to Canada with them, Michael found that his desire to be a father was still strong. Hunter was nearly grown and out on his own, and Michael wanted a chance to raise a child with Ben. After careful consideration for a very long time, the couple finally agreed that they were ready, and thanks to Wendy Anderson, a friend of Ben's, Ben and Michael were able to welcome son Blaine into the world. The couple was overjoyed, and things seemed so perfect. Blaine was a precious baby, and they were so proud of him (though their pride was rivaled by that of Michael's mom, Debbie).

Everything continued in its perfect little way for a while. Of course there were the struggles any parents of a newborn would go through, but the couple and their son were truly happy. Until tragedy struck.

Before Blaine was even a year old, Ben ended up in the hospital again with complications from HIV. Things were hard between caring for Ben and a baby, but Michael somehow managed to keep his head above water with help from his mother and close friends Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor, who were fathers to two kids of their own. In the end, Ben's body wasn't strong enough anymore, and he passed away with Michael at his side.

After Ben's passing, Michael poured himself wholeheartedly into raising his son. He wanted to make his late husband proud with their boy, and Blaine grew up in a loving home, if a far more quiet one than he was born to. Wanting the most normal life possible for his son, Michael put the boy in public school and did all the PTO things, etc. But Blaine was far from your average child. It was in Blaine's sophomore year that everything began to change. That year, the boy came out to both his father and his school mates, and within a few weeks of that, was brutally bashed at a high school dance with his best friend. In a panic, Michael tried to convince Blaine that he should be straight in fear of losing him as he'd lost Ben.

With Brian and Justin's kids at Dalton Academy, a private school in Westerville, Ohio, where bullying was not tolerated, Michael crunched the numbers and found a way to put Blaine in as well. Westerville is a doable drive from Pittsburgh, and Blaine usually comes home on the weekends with Sebastian and Jeff.

Michael remains in Pittsburgh, grateful to have his friends and family close, trying desperately to do the right thing by his son, and avoiding the advances of the gorgeous Dr. Andrew Pearson, who saved Blaine's life the night of the bashing.

This journal is not affiliated with Queer as Folk, the character of Michael Novotny, or Hal Sparks. It exists solely for RP purposes, and no profit is being made.

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